Renovation of the 9th floor of Building 1 including demolition of partitions, flooring and ceiling systems, headwall units, plumbing fixtures, and light fixtures including asbestos abatement.  Construction of new offices, Hoptel rooms, simulation lab and sleep study lab with modifications of existing induction units and ductwork, sprinkler system, and plumbing system.  Installation of new fire alarm horn strobes in rooms, toilets and corridors, new plumbing and lighting fixtures and ceiling and floor systems.  Installation of new millwork caseworks, doors and hardware.  All work performed following infection control measures and interim life safety measures and in accordance with NFPA Life Safety, NEC Codes and VA Standards and Regulations. Contract No. VA243C0569, PO No. 630A4-08-405



Project Description:


90 Dayton Avenue, Bldg 16C, Ste 205, Passaic,  NJ 07055 ♦ 973-685-7216 ♦


9 West Renovation

VAMC Brooklyn Campus


@ Demolition of Partitions

@ Asbestos Abatement

@ Demolition of Flooring and Ceilings

@ Removal of Fixtures

@ Install New Partitions

@ Install New Fixtures

@ Infection Control Plan

@ Life Safety Measures





Scope of Work:  01/26/2009-04/16/2010

Contract Amount:



Department of Veterans Affairs

Network Acquisition & Logistics

130 Kingsbridge Road

Bronx, NY 10468




Alan Woo, COTR