Project Description:


The Work consists of demolition and removal of existing structures, complete removal of the existing roof systems on Building 100 main roof, Building 100 penthouse roof and the entire Building 110 roof, modifying existing roof curbs and the installation of a new roof system, all required flashing to install a new roof system with a 20 year warranty. Construct a weather-tight system with installation of a new roof drain, connected to the existing storm water piping, at the point of trapped water on the connecting corridor.

The interior finishes include casework with solid surfacing tops. Hollow metal door frames, flush wood doors, gypsum board and shaft wall partitions, acoustic panel ceilings, interior ceramic tile floors and



90 Dayton Ave, Bldg. 16C, Ste 205 A/B, Passaic, NJ 07055 ♦ 973-685-7216 ♦


Replace Roof Phase V

VAMC Bronx Campus


Scope of Work:

@ Selective demolition

@ Installation of new roof system

@ Installation of new flashing

@ Installation of new roof drain

@ Life Safety Measures

Contract Amount: $1,399,475.00

Duration: Aug 13, 2012 July 03, 2013


Department of Veterans Affairs

Network Acquisition & Logistics

130 Kingsbridge Road

Bronx, NY 10468



Owner Contact:

Patricia Cordero,

Contracting Officer

718-584 9000 x 4928